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Rajiv Raman is a (Consultant) Photographer/Videographer/Drone Pilot and Video Editor. After working for 07 years as a freelancer in the Middle East, he founded Shams Al Maref in 2022. As a consultant, he produces photographs and short film content that's informative and lives on social media for various organisations to promote their work or services and additionally helps generate traffic to their website and into their social media accounts. Rajiv specialises in working around sensitive scenarios amongst refugees, traumatised women and children and people with disabilities. He has more than 5 years of experience in producing short documentaries with the basic format of artistic and descriptive B-rolls backed up by first person interviews. Additionally, he has expertise in overseeing the production/direction of premium quality podcasts and webcasts. As an editor, he works primarily on Adobe Premiere/AfterEffects/Lightroom and Photoshop. The Syrian Refugee crisis brought Rajiv to Jordan in 2015.

VDT Mafraq23July2019-2.JPG

              You capture what you feel


As a consultant, Rajiv's experience comes from working in the field with international and domestic portfolios like OXFAM, Mercy Corps, AICS, AVSI (Italy), IOM, Terre De Hommes(Italia), EU Delegation to Jordan, EU AML/CFT Global facility (Brussels) and EU Neighbours South. As a photojournalist, his photographs, videos, and stories have been published by magazines (print & online) and media houses like Die Zeit, Thomson Reuters, Frontier Myanmar, Zenith, Akzente, and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.  

        The closer you get the better pictures you get


Currently Rajiv is handling multiple projects as a (consultant) photo/video content producer/DOP with the EU Delegation to Jordan, AVSI (Jo), OXFAM (Jo), OXFAM (Italy), EU AML/CFT Global facility (Brussels) and their work in Egypt/Tunisia and Bahrain. So far he has traveled to Myanmar, Nepal, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia on varied assignments and is looking at more job opportunities in the Middle East and North African (MENA) Region.

Rajiv is creative and exhibits a tendency to think out of the box. A lot of stress is laid on quality of work and staying abreast with the rapid technology progress in Cameras, Lens, Gimbals, Audio Recording devices/Drones and other paraphernalia related to photography and videography.  


Watch his work on his YouTube channel

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