Rajiv Raman

WCA Guest House @ Lake Nakuru

One of my favourites. Proud mother of three. 

Managed a shit load of Marijuana on day one itself. After roaming the streets of Nairobi and stopping short of asking locals flat-out for Ganja, it remained a dream to score pot in this very congested and over the top city. Resigned to my fate of a trip through the cradle of wilderness without TCH coursing through my veins, I casually brought up the topic on my drive out towards Masai Mara with my tour guide. I struck gold. By the camp of Mara Sadai is this garage where all the tour vehicles check in to get their oil change. Thats about all one needs to know. I slept a happy child, stoned in the lap of mother Africa. :-) And thats pretty much how I slept for the rest of the Safari.